Gift certificates

Gift certificates

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Need a baby gift but don't want to give another teddy bear? Give that family the gift of support instead - a class, a private babywearing session, or even personalized postpartum doula care! Gift certificates for my services are lasting and valuable investments in the family's wellbeing and can be used at any time. 

The denominations listed here are $10, $20 $40, $50, and $100 and can be purchased to cover the cost of specific services ($40 for the custom babywearing classes, or $100 for a private babywearing consultation or postpartum planning session) or combined to give you a customized amount (please leave directions in the form you will complete in the next step.) However, all gift certificates can be applied to any class or service.

I'm happy to create a gift certificate in any customized amount - if the options here don’t meet your needs, please contact me at or 306-529-2101. 

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