Back Carries

Back Carries


Carrying your baby on your back is a game changer for many parents, but it can be daunting for us humans to get started. This class will help!

The investment for this class is $40 per person. I keep this class very small for safety reasons, so I cannot offer a couples' discount for this class. 

This class is for you if:

  • your baby can sit independently*

  • you're ready for the freedom that back carries offer

  • you have some experience wearing baby on your front in any kind of carrier

This class might not be for you if:

  • your baby can't yet sit on their own - don't worry, I will offer this class again!

  • you are brand new to babywearing - it's best to learn how to carry baby on your front before moving on to back carries.

You do not need to own a wrap or carrier to attend this class, but if you have one that you want help using, please bring it along. 

Babies and toddlers are welcome. 

This class can be a bit of a workout, so dress comfortably, preferably in a snug fitting top as loose layers tend to move around a lot, and bring a water bottle. 

* In order to attend this class, your baby must be able to sit independently, meaning they can get themselves into a sitting position on their own and maintain it. This milestone is important for safety reasons - a baby who is able to sit independently is unlikely to get into a position where their airway is compromised. 

Please note that I've changed the way I offer this class. It is being offered when there is sufficient interest, and will be hosted in the home of one of the class participants. When you register, I'll send you the location info.

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