Postpartum Doula

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How we can help...

Doulas can provide a unique form of support because we are on your side - we want what you want, and if you don't know what you want, we will help you figure it out. Imagine a brainy fairy godmother who takes direction well but will also show initiative to anticipate your needs, who can teach you what you need to know but who will also tell you you're awesome, and who will fill in any gaps in your current support team without taking over or making you feel inadequate. That's a doula. 

I work in a shared care model with the wonderful Cecilia Prokop. Shared care means you have more options for scheduling visits, twice the brain power and ideas to support you, and flexibility in case illness or emergency prevents one of us from being there. Only one doula works at a time, with the exception of prenatal visits, but we are both working for you during your course of care. 


 We can support you in:

  • recovery from childbirth - comfort measures and household support so you can rest and connect with your baby

  • light housekeeping - creating the space you need to relax and enjoy your new baby

  • breastfeeding and infant feeding - getting going, getting comfortable, and overcoming difficulties, no matter how you are feeding your baby

  • sleep for the whole family - caring arms to care for baby while you sleep, overnight support, sleep safety for baby, and healthy sleep for both baby and caregivers

  • babywearing - keeping your baby close so that you can use your hands while fostering a strong connection with your baby

  • postpartum planning - thinking ahead and finding strategies to meet your needs

  • newborn care - what to expect from this new tiny person

  • sibling care - working together to enjoy the transition to a bigger family

  • parenting support - integrating your instincts and wisdom to be the kind of parent you want to be

  • processing your birth and postpartum experiences - telling and recording your story verbally or through writing and art,

  • planning a mother blessing ritual - celebrate this transition in your life!

We offer a number of packages to meet your needs:

Postpartum Planning Package - $100 - This is a 2-hour meeting which includes hands-on support to plan for a peaceful postpartum period. Like a birth plan, your postpartum plan will clarify your wishes, identify resources to help you feel supported and informed, and build skills to help you adapt during the transition to life with your new baby. 

Doula care packages all include a 2 hour prenatal meeting if booking before your baby arrives. Any package can be booked either before or after baby arrives, and extra hours can be added to your existing package as our schedule permits. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but cannot guarantee availability until we meet in person. All packages also include text, email, and phone support between visits. 

Basic package - $400 - This includes 10 hours of doula care.

Deluxe package - $600 - This includes 15 hours of doula care.

Superb package - $1000 - This includes 25 hours of doula care. 

Awesome package - $1200 - This includes 40 hours of doula care. 

Fabulous package - $2500  - This includes 100 hours of doula care. 

We are always happy to discuss custom packages to meet your family's unique needs and will accommodate them whenever possible. 


To book a free interview to see if we are the postpartum doulas for you, please send us an email at or, or call/text 306-529-2101.