parenting group questionnaire

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Tell me what you think...

I've been hearing that there's a need for a new parenting group in Regina. A place to share the joys and challenges of life with little kids, a place to build community and learn from each other, and a place to get encouragement and information to help make parenting easy (or at least easier!) 

So I want to hear from you. If you're interested in a group like this, tell me what is important to you. I'm all ears. 

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Please rate the following statements:
Free parking is important to me.
An accessible space without stairs is important to me.
A central location on a bus route is important to me.
I prefer to meet weekly.
I prefer to meet monthly.
I can afford to pay between $5-15 per meeting.
I prefer a drop-in program.
I prefer a registered program.
I like groups where there is a topic and a bit of a plan to guide discussion.
I like groups where there is no firm plan and everyone gets to share what they want.