The one crucial thing missing from those "baby essentials" lists

What's the most important thing to your baby? A safe place to sleep? The right nourishment? Diapers and warm clothing?

It's none of the above.

The most important thing to your baby is you. Your baby needs you - your responsive and gentle care, your attention, your touch, and your presence.


What do you need to be well? What do you need to be able to lovingly and consistently respond to your baby's intense needs? What will help you be able to cope with broken sleep for not just days, but months and possibly even years? (Sleep gets better, I promise, but it gets better a lot more slowly than you might think.) What do you need to truly thrive during one of the biggest life changes you'll ever experience?

You need support. You need help. You need to know you can do it. You need reliable information to help you make the thousands of decisions that come with parenting. You need a community of people who get it, who understand the intense joys and the painful challenges that come with parenting. You need space to process your unique experience of parenthood and time to care for yourself.

Because your baby couldn't care less about the brand of wipes you're using, the organic onesie, or the awesome carseat that not only looks trendy but has a safety endorsement from NASA (ok, ok, I made that up...)

Your baby just needs you. Regardless of what those "baby essentials" lists say.

Ready for a conversation about how to put yourself on the list? I'm here for you. I've got classes to help you prepare for the changes your baby will bring, postpartum doula services to supply the help, rest, and encouragement, and tools to help you find the balance that will keep everyone thriving.

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