Top 5 reasons babywearing makes parenting easy

1. It supports your connection with your baby - touch is how humans (and all primates) bond with each other. It is a powerful tool for dads and all non-birthing parents to connect with baby, too. That strong and healthy attachment is what will keep you going through sleepless nights, toddler meltdowns, and teenage moods. Believe me - you want a strong connection.

2. It makes it easier to get out of the house - for errands, exercise, or for fun! It even makes errands into both exercise and fun, since you'll get stronger as your baby grows, and you'll have the cutest baby ever to hang out with the whole time. 

3. It frees your hands so you can get on with life - to eat, to care for other kids, or maybe even do a load of laundry or two. Or, you know, eat. 

4. It is the safest place for your baby - you are able to check on a sleeping baby, keep your newborn away from germy hands, and contain your toddler who would otherwise be running across the parking lot wearing just one shoe. 

5. It is associated with more successful breastfeeding and, with a bit of practice, gives you an easy, comfortable place to nurse your baby absolutely anywhere. Nothing makes you feel like a superhero quite the same as nursing your baby while you unload an enormous cart of groceries.


What makes parenting easy for you?  



Anna BakerComment