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Private babywearing consultation

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Please let me know where I'm going by leaving your home address or the location you've chosen for this session. Also, please include special instructions if your place is hard to find, needs a buzzer or elevator code, have rowdy dogs, etc!
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Phone number
This is so that I can reach you quicly in case of an emergency that requires me to reschedule.
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Does the baby or any of the adults who will be attending this consultation have any medical conditions that I should know about?(e.g. for the baby: born prematurely, reflux, developmental delays, etc. For the adult(s): back pain, limited mobility, injuries, etc.) *

Back Carries

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Introduction to Babywearing Workshop

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Woven Wrap Basics Workshop

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I own a woven or hybrid wrap (Wrapsody) and will bring it with me to this class. *
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Please leave a number I can call or text in case an emergency forces me to reschedule this class.
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You don't need to bring anything but if you'd like to master what you have, please let me know what you'll have with you.