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How I can help...

Babywearing is a tool for parents. It's a new name for something parents have always done. It's a way to have your hands free and your baby happy - at the same time! 

 Want to find out which carrier works best for you and your family? Want to try before you buy? Want to learn the basics of safe and comfortable babywearing? Want to learn some new skills like back carrying or mastering a woven wrap? I can help with all of that! 

I do private sessions in your home, and also offer workshops on an ongoing basis. To book a private consultation, use the online booking tool below and then click on the photo on the left to complete the process. To register for a workshop, simply click on the appropriate photo. 

My training as a babywearing educator was completed through the Canadian Babywearing School, and I make a point of keeping my knowledge and skills current. I attended the International Babywearing Conference 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, and I am a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.