I help parents and families find their own unique groove.

Every time a baby or child enters a family, new relationships are created. It's a time of joy and wonder, and also a time of massive learning and transition. We are not meant to navigate this time alone, without support or encouragement, but we live in a culture that isolates new families. Many of us don't have family nearby, or we may have never spent much time around babies. I believe we mostly learn to parent by seeing others parent - and if we haven't spent much time around other people with babies and young children, the amount we must learn upon the arrival of our own new baby can feel overwhelming. 

Many cultures practice some form of support for new families, where their daily responsibilities are assumed by others and they have time to rest, bond, and find their new rhythm as a larger family unit. Even for those of us who are lucky enough to have helpful family and friends, we may need assistance with breastfeeding, understanding the cues and needs of our newborn, physical recovery and comfort measures for the new mother, and the day-to-day tasks of life. As our children grow, we may need additional tools that help us balance the needs of the whole family, like babywearing, gentle discipline techniques, and strategies to understand our child's needs. 

My number one priority is to empower you as a parent - to share with you the most current research-based information about what babies and children need, and to assist you in meeting those needs in a way that feels easy and natural for the whole family. I believe that a strong attachment between infants and their parents lays the foundation for a family relationship that is strong and healthy for a lifetime. I help parents and families find their own unique groove - you're the expert on your baby, and I can help you tap into your own wisdom and instincts to find the sweet spot where parenting feels easy (at least some of the time!)

I've been helping families adjust to parenthood for decades - as a friend, a nanny, in my work at a locally-owned mom & baby store, as a trained babywearing educator, as an accredited breastfeeding facilitator through La Leche League Canada, and as a trained postpartum doula. I've been around babies and young kids all my life, and I want to share my experience, knowledge, and ideas with you. 

I am supportive of all families, however they were created. I'm LGBTQ+ friendly, and have experience and knowledge about the issues involved in adoption, infertility, assisted conception, pregnancy and neo-natal loss, and maternal mental health.